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a bedroom with a bed and a mirror
a bedroom with a bed and a mirror

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Welcome to Grow and More, your premier real estate partner. Specializing in buying and selling brokerage, property management, supervision services, and leasing brokerage, we provide seamless solutions. Our dedicated agents ensure your success, making Grow and More the key to your property journey.

Our Services

Real Estate Buying and Selling Brokerage

Discover seamless real estate transactions with our expert brokerage services. Whether you're buying or selling, we are dedicated to making the process smooth and rewarding.

Real Estate Management

Leave the complexities of property management to us. Our team ensures your real estate investments are well-maintained, maximizing their potential and value.

Leasing Property Brokerage

Looking to lease your property or find the perfect rental? Our leasing specialists connect landlords with tenants, creating mutually beneficial agreements.

Agents You Can Trust

Our team of professional agents is committed to understanding your unique needs. Whether you're buying, selling, or leasing, our agents are here to guide you every step of the way.


Ivy Gardens, where luxury and affordability cross

Why Ivy Gardens?

  • Luxurious apartments
  • Private pools
  • Exclusive community
  • 10% deposit
  • 1% monthly over 90 months

Customer Reviews

"I am impressed with the seamless tools provided by Grow and More. It has made selling my properties so much easier."
"Grow and More has transformed the way I explore and invest in properties. The platform is user-friendly and offers great investment opportunities."


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